• Henry P. Drought
    Henry P. Drought
  • Henry P. Drought, Jr.
    Henry P. Drought, Jr.
  • Ralph W. Brite
    Ralph W. Brite
  • James L. Drought
    James L. Drought
  • Thomas Drought
    Thomas Drought

Drought, Drought & Bobbitt, LLP traces its origins in the San Antonio legal community to Henry Patrick Drought, a native of Ireland and graduate of Canada’s Osgoode Hall, who moved to San Antonio to open his law practice in 1881. Some of his first clients, Scottish and European investment companies, remain clients of the firm to this day. Representing and protecting their interests in oil and gas development led to the firm becoming an early leader in energy law, a position it continues to hold.

Although the members of the firm have changed over the past 134 years, Drought has always appeared in the firm name. Henry Patrick Drought was joined by his son, Henry Patrick Drought, Jr. They practiced together until the death of the elder Drought and then later H. P. Drought, Jr.’s sons, James L. Drought and Thomas Drought, joined the firm. After the deaths of his father and brother, Thomas Drought carried on the family practice, and was later joined by his nephew, James L. Drought, Jr. Elizabeth Burney is the latest family member to join the family law firm.

Ralph W. Brite was a partner in the firm and later of counsel. He was a former President of the State Bar of Texas.